Inside nature
— outside the box

Camp Redwood 2.0

Summer 2024

A creative gathering for the world’s most impactful nonprofit leaders

Bringing together extraordinary, high-potential leaders to focus on innovation and revenue growth. Camp Redwood takes its name from the towering redwoods that host it, symbolizing the wisdom of enduring growth with strong roots.

The inaugural Camp Redwood brought together over 50 organizations for a thoughtful and inspiring gathering. It was the start of something truly great.

Among the Redwoods
at 1440
Zoom out and learn with other CEOs and Founders.
You can expect excellent food and hospitality, all nestled in a cathedral of redwoods. We'll meet in rooms with inspiring views, enjoy conversations around the fires with live music, and share insights while hiking the on-campus trails. 
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What to expect at Camp Redwood

Nonprofit and for-profit leaders that have scaled from a startup to >$30 million per year

Leaders at world-class innovation companies in Silicon Valley

Representatives from prominent social impact foundations


Raising The Village
New Story 
Dollar For 
Liberty in North Korea
Open Door Legal
Y Combinator nonprofits

Ambition Angels
Many Hopes
Semilla Nueva
Redeem International
Miracle Messages
Your Move
Praxis alumni
Foster America
The Farmlink Project
One World Surgery 
+ more

If you’re a CEO or Founder of your organization, we’d love to see you at the next Camp Redwood

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